Agency Spotlight: Burke Recovery

In this first edition of the NC TTA newsletter we want to highlight an agency who thrives on their mission, “To work collaboratively with community partners to provide education/prevention, treatment and recovery support services to all citizens of Burke County regardless of their ability to pay”. Burke Recovery has worked hard to deliver a full continuum of care by providing education and services that are appropriate for the individuals in their region. One of the biggest impacts that Burke Recovery feels they make as an agency is acting as a connector and facilitator allowing multiple agencies and organizations to come together on common ground and work toward their efforts collaboratively. 

Burke Recovery is the fiscal agent for the community coalition, Burke Substance Abuse Network who is known as a major agent of change in the community. Executive Director Kim James shares the importance of building relationships within the community by stating, “The power of a community in which agencies, organizations and individuals address problems and situations arm-in-arm (as much as possible) is that they will stand up for each other and often times fight for a common cause together. Burke Recovery recognizes we are more powerful when we work with others and therefore we consider the community-at-large to be our partner”. 

Executive Director Kim James

Visit the Burke Recovery Website at: https://www.burkerecovery.com

Contact Kim James, Executive Direct via bcacdkim@gmail.com

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