Community Readiness Survey and Where to Find Additional Data

Community Readiness Survey

This survey is designed to help understand your community’s readiness to enhance its substance misuse prevention efforts. The first few items are about you and your community. You will complete one Community Readiness Assessment per substance. Scoring information is included in the final question. This version of the Community Readiness Assessment is intended to be used by prevention provider staff. If you would like to distribute the survey to your communities, please email Melinda at mpankrat@wakeforest.edu for weblink for your catchment area.

Community Readiness Survey
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Where to Find SAPBG Needs Assessment Data

We have gotten quite a few questions on where to find data, particularly items that are on the Youth Prevention Survey Statewide Results. We hope this file will be of help. Find this Microsoft Word File labeled
Where to Find SAPBG Needs Assessment Data.docx on the 2020 Assessment Document Library Here.

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