Needs Assessment Feedback Opportunities

Template Review Process

The statewide needs assessment is due to the Division of Mental Health on August 20, 2020. Per Jessica Dicken, Community Wellness, Health Integration, and Prevention Section Chief, prevention providers must have their assessment approved before implementing their FY 2021 strategic plan.

The evaluation team at Wake Forest School of Medicine is able to review your assessment templates to determine if it is likely to be approved by the state, and if not can provide technical assistant to strengthen your assessment. You may request a review at the end of each step or for your completed template.

To ensure there is sufficient time to both review assessments and for you to make adjustments templates must be received no later than July 15, 2020. Reviews are expected to be completed once a week with a two week turnaround time. 

Templates and any associated files may be submitted for review via the NCTTA Help Desk at: 


Provider Q & A

Providers are encouraged to submit questions or concerns they have regarding the statewide needs assessment and/or template via the NCTTA Help Desk at:


The results of your questions, concerns and suggestions will be compiled into published material in the coming weeks.

Unsure Where to Turn?

Do you have questions or not sure where to turn? Contact the NCTTA Center via the Helpdesk or via email at nctta@ncpreventiontta.org

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  1. The needs Assessment for the five counties was submitted. Is there anything else you need at the present time?

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