Needs Assessment Template Tips and other Information

We are happy to announce four new videos titled Needs Assessment Template Tips for our block grant partners. These videos are intended to provide a response to questions the Assessment Team is receiving. Topics covered include the use of the template, effective data practices, and considerations related to individual or collective data submission.

In addition, please make sure to check out recent NCTTA News postings related to the Assessment process. These post can be found on the NCTTA News Page (http://blog.nctraining.info/) and via the following links:

Statewide Assessment Workshop #1 Resources (published January 23, 2020) http://blog.nctraining.info/statewide-assessment-workshop-1-resources

This was our original Needs Assessment New Post. It includes a direct link to the Needs Assessment File Library. The Needs Assessment Template and numerous supporting information is available for program use. (Direct File Library Link: https://ncpreventiontta.althahosting.com/index.php/s/i6P5J2ZG3z7LLWA)

Needs Assessment Feedback Opportunities (published May 28, 2020)

This article describes the process, needed information, and upload link to submit Needs Assessment files for review to the Assessment Team before submission to the state office. Submissions must be received by July 15, 2020 for review.

We encourage providers to take the time needed to review the videos below, download the slide deck titled Template Tips 2020 from the Needs Assessment File Library and post any comments, questions, or needs in the comments box below. The Assessment Team will respond to comments submitted for the benefit of our block grant community at large. Questions may also be submitted via the NCTTA Helpdesk or email at nctta@ncpreventiontta.org

Needs Assessment Template Tips Introduction
Needs Assessment Template Tips Step 1
Needs Assessment Template Tips Step 2
Needs Assessment Template Tips Step 3

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